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          海藻酸鈉-羧甲基纖維素鈉-明膠共混膜的 結構及性能研究


          李 慧1,盧立新1,2,*,王利強1,2 (1.江南大學包裝工程系,江蘇 無錫????? 214122; 2.中國包裝總公司食品包裝技術與安全重點實驗室,江蘇 無錫????? 214122)
          摘?? 要:用溶液共混法制備海藻酸鈉- 羧甲基纖維素鈉- 明膠共混膜,并采用紅外光譜(FT-IR)、X 射線衍射(XRD)、 掃描電鏡(SEM)表征膜的結構,同時測定共混膜的透光率、力學性能、水溶性和紫外吸收性。結果表明:共混 膜中海藻酸鈉、羧甲基纖維素鈉、明膠之間存在著強烈的相互作用和良好的相容性,三者共混明顯改善海藻酸鈉 和羧甲基纖維素鈉一元膜和海藻酸鈉- 羧甲基纖維素鈉二元膜的性能。 關鍵詞:海藻酸鈉;羧甲基纖維素鈉;明膠;共混膜;相容性
          Structure and Properties of Sodium Alginate-Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose-Gelatin Compound Film
          LI Hui1,LU Li-xin1,2,*,WANG Li-qiang1,2 (1. Department of Packaging Engineering, Jiangnan University, Wuxi????? 214122, China;2. Key Laboratory of Food Packaging Techniques and Safety, China National Packaging Corporation, Wuxi????? 214122, China)
          Abstract:A compound film was successfully prepared by coagulation of sodium alginate (NaAlg), sodium carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and gelatin (GLE) in aqueous solution. FT-IR, XRD, SEM and UV-Visible spectroscopy were used for the structural characterization of this compound film, and along with this, its mechanical properties, water solubility and UV absorption were also measured. Results indicated strong interaction and good compatibility among sodium alginate, sodium carboxymethylcellulose and gelatin were observed. This compound film showed obviously improved physical and chemical properties, when compared with single NaAlg and CMC films and their compound film. Key words:sodium alginate;sodium carboxymethylcellulose;gelatin;compound film;compatibility 中圖分類號:TB303??????????????????????????????????? 文獻標識碼:A???????????????????????????? 文章編號:1002-6630(2010)05-0091-05